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Why “Sexy Stories”? Let me explain…


Love in an Elevator

I could tell just by looking at the gorgeous business man residing in my building that he was a complexly sexual being. Everything about him: the way he walked, the way he nodded, even the way he smiled, made a suggestion about how amazing he would be in the bedroom. His suits were tailored. His nod was slight. His smile was light and genuine. The way he walked was brisk as though he always had somewhere to be. All of those things small qualities combined made for a fantastic fantasy. I fantasized about him between my sheets each night after we’d ridden up the elevator together. He got off on five, me on seven.

Each day I thought of acting on my fantasy. I imagined getting off on his floor. He would turn around and pull me into his arms then have his way with me right there in the hallway.

What was stopping me? Well, I was much more brazen in my fantasy than I was in real life. I’d never even spoken to the man. I knew his name was Mr. Anthony. That’s what the doorman called him. Other than his name and address, I knew nothing about him. But that was about to change. I was moving. I couldn’t leave without finding out if he’d even recognized me. He’d hardly acknowledged me, after all.

Each day, we got on the elevator, he pressed the buttons for our prospective floors with a smile, and we rode silently. I always stood behind him. I almost touched his shoulder one day but the elevator dinged and he got off.

The day before my move date, it was pouring down rain. We’d both run in without an umbrella. It had been a heck of a day at work. I could tell by the crease between his brow, he’d had one of those days, too. He took off his wet jacket in the foyer and gave it a hard shake before stepping onto the elevator.




4… I stepped in front of him. He glanced down at me, his eyes drifting automatically to my wet white blouse. He bit his lower lip. I leaned up and wrapped my arms around his neck. His eyes widened. I persevered. When I pressed my lips against his, he dropped his briefcase. It hit the floor with a thud as he snaked his arms around my waist.

5… The door opened and he stepped out pulling me with him only letting go enough to grab his things. We hit his door with a loud thump. He fumbled with his keys while still kissing me. I slid my hand down across his slacks feeling his bulge. A moan escaped him; his head fell back. I took advantage, kissing his neck.

As soon as we were inside, I took to the floor bringing his slacks down with me. I wanted him in my mouth. I took him in deep. He grabbed my long hair pushing deeper still. I worked him with my hand as well until I felt him harden even more. Then I stopped. When I stood, he tore open my blouse running his fingertips over the outline of my bra. He was teasing me but that only lasted for a moment. I could tell he was just as eager to have me as I was him.

I pulled him by his cock through his apartment until I found a place to lay us down. This was my fantasy after all and he didn’t protest one bit. In fact, it was then that I realized we hadn’t spoken a word to each other. That was okay… It was just fine. In fact, everything felt right with the world as he went down on me, savoring my juices with a hum.

“Mr. Anthony!” I screamed as he brought me to climax. That seemed to spur him. He growled as he slid on a condom and pushed inside of me. I clawed at his shoulder as he stretched me open. I wasn’t sure if I could take him. I almost backed out but then I remembered how much I’d wanted him so I let him push further until he was all the way inside me. He moved slowly, allowing me to get used to the feel of him. I knew by his smile that he would have a tender side. He kissed me deeply from my mouth to my breasts and back up again as he moved gently inside of me.

When we rolled over, I took control. I rode him easy at first until I felt a familiar build. Then I rode him so hard, our bodies slapped together. It was as though we were in perfect sync; as though we’d been lovers for years. The way he touched me on the tips of my nipples to intensify my orgasm. The way he pushed all the way inside me for the same reason. He read body language well.

I only needed to roll my hips a few more times to push him over the edge. I collapsed on top of him in a heap. He rolled us over so we were facing one another and kissed my nose.

“Well that only took five years,” he said with a smile.


“Although, in my mind, I always imagined initiating.”

“You fantasized about me?”

“Yes, Miss Gordon.”

We both sat up on our elbows laughing.

“Was I up to par?” I asked.

“Better than I would’ve ever imagined.”

“Back at you,” I told him. He kissed my nose pulling me close but I pulled back and got out of bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m moving tomorrow, Mr. Anthony. I still have some packing to do.”

“Moving, huh?” He looked downtrodden. “Can I help?”

“Absolutely. Meet me on the seventh floor.” I smiled and winked as I left rushing up to my place to wait for round two with the man of my dreams.

The Therapist

Dr. Jenna Styles had been a sex therapist for about a year. She took on her cases very carefully as her methodology was quite different from that of her colleagues. In her first year of practice, she’d only worked with one couple. She’d put her thesis research to good use and it had saved a marriage.

Her thesis was widely criticized by her peers but one young professor found it intriguing. She ended up marrying him. His support was paramount to her success. She loved him, not because he was gorgeous, rich, or a giving lover. Those things were just a bonus. Rye was a good man.

With that in mind, she went through the files on her desk with a fine tooth comb. Her clients were strictly referral only. She had a few friends that would send her cases but that was all. She did not advertise, nor would she ever.

It had been months since she’d worked with anyone. She’d been waiting for the perfect couple to come along. Sure enough, they did. They were a young couple, ages twenty-five and twenty-seven. They’d been married for three years, no children. Both of their chief complaints about their marriage were sexual problems. That was what she’d been waiting on. She wasn’t interested in working with a man who was of the opinion that his wife didn’t put out enough or a woman who felt the need to use her opening as a reward for her man’s good behavior. No, she wanted to work with a couple who both felt they needed improvement. Because of her husband’s wealth, she had the luxury of being picky. Because of his support of her work, she was free to help her way; a way that she felt best server her patients.

She dialed the number listed on the file. “Yes, Mrs. Latham?”

“Yes?” a soft voice spoke on the other side of the line.

“This is Dr. Jenna Styles. Your case was sent to me by Dr. Jones. I’m a therapist that specializes in sexual dysfunctions. I’ve taken an interest in your case. If you would like, you and your husband could come in at your earliest convenience.”

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “I’m sorry. Yes. Is today too soon?”

Jenna thought it over. “It’s perfect. Take down this address and be here at four this afternoon.”

She agreed and they were right on time. Lana Latham was a tall woman of normal proportion while her husband Frank was even taller with a muscular build. They seemed fit and thus able to perform normally on a physical level.

Lana wore her strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail and dressed as though she was in high school. Frank had black hair with a scruffy five o’clock shadow. He also looked like he just walked out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. Since they both worked from home, they had that luxury. She was a writer; he was an architect.

They had their introductions and Jenna lead them through the foyer of her home into her office. “So,” she spoke motioning for them to sit on the couch, “did you get a chance to read over the contracts I faxed to you?”

“Um, yes,” Lana said looking to her husband then back at Jenna. “The wording must be off or either I’m reading it wrong.”

“No. The fact that you think that tells me that you’re reading it perfectly. Now, if you’ll just sign the confidentiality agreements and the treatment agreement, we can continue this conversation.”

“My wife is concerned that the wording on this contract is a little…Well, she’s worried that this may not be something we’ll be able to follow through with.”

“No problem. You can stop therapy at any time.”

“Okay,” Lana nodded to both Jenna and Frank. “Okay, let’s do it.” They both signed the documents.

“Alright. Now that the details are taken care of, we can get down to business,” Jenna said, leaning back in her plush velvet chair. She had her notepad in hand and began a series of questions. Even though she’d read the file, she needed to hear some things for herself.

“Frank, in your own words, tell me about your marital issues.”

“I love my wife. I want to make that clear.”

“Alright.” Jenna wrote on her pad. She felt he was being truthful. “So why are you here?”

“I think we are slipping into the friend zone. We aren’t connecting sexually. We work on opposite sides of the house, we eat dinner together, we sleep in the same bed but it’s like we’re roommates.”

“How do you feel, Lana?”

“Frank is the love of my life. I wish there was a way to make things better but if I’m being honest…”

“Honesty is part of the agreement you signed,” Jenna reminded.

“If I’m being honest, at this rate, I think the next agreement we’ll be signing is a divorce settlement.”

“Honey, no,” Frank blurted. Jenna could tell this was the first he’d heard of those thoughts.

“Why do you say that, Jenna?”


“I can’t give him what he needs sexually. I can’t stand it. It hurts me to constantly hurt him.”

Frank started to speak but Jenna held up her hand to focus on Lana.

“What do you mean by that, Lana?”

“He needs someone like the girls on the porno videos…”

“That’s not true!”

“It is! You want me to ooo and ah but Frank, I’ve never even had an orgasm!”

“What?” Jenna asked, surprised. “You’ve never orgasmed with Frank?”

“I’ve never with anyone. But he doesn’t understand. He thinks it’s his fault but it’s not. I just can’t. Some people just can’t.”

“Have you seen a physician about this?”

“Of course. They all say the same thing. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m normal. So Frank works really hard to make me orgasm. He insists. By the time he gives up, I feel like a failure. It kind of douses the mood. Most of the time he doesn’t finish either.”

“Frank, how do you feel?”

“How do you think? Obviously, I feel like the failure. I feel like an inadequate lover. I can’t pleasure my wife.” He let his head fall into his hands. His wife rubbed his shoulders lovingly. Jenna watched them for a moment as they tried to console one another.

“Okay,” Jenna interrupted. “Let’s get started. Tell me all of the ways you’ve attempted to stimulate your wife.” Frank went on and on. Lana filled in the blanks. “Lana, have you tried to make yourself climax manually or with the use of a vibrator?”

“Yes. Both.”

“What does it feel like?”

“I mean, it feels okay but I don’t get there. I think I would know if I did…”

“You would know,” Jenna assured her. “Let me ask you, now that we’ve talked: Are you comfortable moving forward?”

“Do you think you can help us?” they both asked in unison.

“I’m certainly willing to give it my best shot. Come back tomorrow around the same time. Bring anything you’ve tried in the past as well as contraceptives. Okay?”

“So, we did read that right? We’re going to be having sex here?”


“And you’ll be supervising?”

“Helping if necessary. Is that okay?”

“I really want to make this work, Frank.”

“Me, too. I love you,” he told her. “Okay. We’ll do it.”

She gave them a list of instructions and sent them on their way. As she saw them out, she sternly reminded them that any breach of confidentiality would be enforced to the fullest extent of the law.

The next afternoon, they showed up. Jenna was pleased. She wasn’t sure if they would. She showed them to her guest suite which was a bit more comfortable than her office but on the same side of the house. Away from her private area that she shared with her own husband.

“Are you two ready to work?” Jenna asked them. They both nodded a nervous nod. “Don’t worry. It’ll only be work the first few sessions. After that, if we succeed, it’ll be pleasure.” She gave them a friendly yet professional smile. “I’m sure you went over the instructions carefully so you know it’s time to disrobe” They did. “Now, let’s begin simply with manual stimulation. Frank, show me how you touch Lana.”

Lana quivered as she lay back on a chaise lounge. Frank licked his fingers and slid them inside of her with one hand and pressed on her clit with the other. Jenna walked around them, trying to gauge from every angle.

“Okay, now show me what you do next.”

Frank leaned down and took her into his mouth. Lana tensed. She wasn’t comfortable with it.

“Lana, what bothers you about this position?”

“I don’t know. It just feels sensitive and awkward.”

“Look him in the eye. This man is your husband. He loves you and wants nothing more than to please you. If you don’t trust him to do that, then tell him now.”

“I trust him. I trust you,” she said.

“Then try to let the awkwardness go. About the sensitivity… Frank, try not to pull her open with your fingers. Instead, lick her through her lower lips. Lana, tell me how that feels.”

Frank let go of Lana with his hands and pressed his tongue into her clit licking softly. Lana jumped a little. Jenna smiled.

“How sensitive are your nipples, Lana?”

“Right now they’re tingling.”

“Frank, touch her nipples,” she instructed. He tried but was failing. “Never mind. Concentrate on what you’re doing down there, Frank. This is where I can help. May I, Lana?”


Jenna cupped one of Lana’s breasts in her hand and lightly grazed her nipple with her fingertip. Lana bucked. With that response, she knew she was on the right track. She took her nipple into her mouth and licked it over and over. Lana let out a soft moan. Frank moaned, too.

Lana quivered as both Frank and Jenna worked her then she yelled, “Stop!”

Jenna was startled. Frank seemed to be, too.

“Are you okay, babe?” Frank asked her.

“I feel like I’m about to… I was afraid I would pee on you.”

Jenna slapped herself on the forehead. She’d assumed one of the doctors had told her already but she should’ve covered her bases.

“Lana, that’s a good sign. That means you’re on the verge.”

“Really?” she smiled. “Okay, keep going!”

“I can’t. You said the ‘S’ word. The contract explicitly states that no session may continue after the word ‘Stop’ has been spoken by any party. Now, I welcome the two of you to go home and work on this some more. That’ll be your homework. Come back tomorrow and we’ll try again.”

“I’m sorry, Frank,” she said.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.”

The next day, Frank and Lana were eager to get started. It seemed they’d had a long frustrating night. Frank explained that they couldn’t get back into the rhythm of things after they got home.

“Sometimes there’s trying and sometimes there’s trying too hard,” Jenna explained. “Show me what you were working with.” They got right back in the same position as they had been in the day before. Only Frank seemed lazy.

“Frank, what’s with the lagging?”

“You said not to open her up at all with my hands and my so my tongue is working double duty here.”

“Okay, I understand. Let’s try using your forefinger and thumb to open her up a little bit to give you better access. Just don’t pull her all the way open.” Jenna watched as Frank tried and Jenna winced. “Alright, move aside, let me show you.”

“What?” the both asked in unison.

“Are we going to go through this every time or are we going to make this happen? I’m completely comfortable working with the two of you. If you aren’t comfortable, just let me know. It’s totally fine.” Jenna told them.

“You’re going to go down on my wife while I watch?” Frank asked.

“I’m going to show you how to go down on your wife so she can come.”

“Okay, it’s okay Frank,” Lana told him. “I really want this. I need it. We both do.”

“Yeah, okay. It’s totally fine with me,” Frank said.

Jenna got between Lana’s legs. Instead of pulling her open, she lifted her legs placing them on her shoulders. “See how this position naturally exposes the clitoris giving you better access?”


Jenna placed her thumb at the top of the hood of Lana’s clitoris and softly licked her there. Lana pressed into her. “Frank body language is everything. Did you see how she arched into me? That means it felt good. Lana, would you like me to keep trying here while Frank works your nipples or would you like us to swap?”

“You’re the expert but that felt really good.”

“Great. Let’s continue then.”

Jenna lapped at her client until she moaned. She took great pride in her work. She was pleased she could help this couple. Instead of stopping and letting Frank have a go, she wanted to see if she could give Lana what she’d never had. She felt she was on the right course and was afraid that in stopping, she may not be able to achieve it again. This poor woman had never had an orgasm but she was well on her way.

Jenna slipped her finger into Lana, pressing toward her abdomen in a come hither manner. She felt the spot in Lana’s folds commonly known as “The G-Spot”. She gently rubbed it and massaged Lana with her tongue. She looked up to see that Frank was working with both mouth and hand at his wife’s breasts.

Jenna was taken aback when Lana grabbed her head and pressed further into her but she didn’t relent. She pushed even further until something special happened. Lana Latham experienced her first orgasm. She screamed, clenching. Jenna quickly grabbed Frank and told him to take his wife.

“Push inside of her. Let her orgasm take you,” she told him. Then she walked out of the room leaving them to enjoy each other. She knew she would need several more appointments with the couple so Frank could get his technique right but she felt they were off to a good start. If the moans coming from the other side of the door were any indication, she’d done well. She smiled to herself, wiping her lower lip. She kissed her husband as he walked in.

“We must have guests,” he said obviously tasting Lana on his wife’s lips.

“Indeed. I have a very pleased couple in the guest suite. More happy clients. See you for dinner, my love.”

Ms. Lacy

Being a young college professor was hard enough but being a woman made it even more difficult. Everyone thought I was a student until I stood in front of the class. Then the students sank into their chairs knowing they’d spoken inappropriately in front of me about my colleagues. I didn’t care. I just wanted everyone to have an enjoyable semester.

As I looked out into my first class, one young man in particular stood out from the rest. He was handsome in a rugged way: his dark hair buzzed, his eyes bronze, his clothing different, suggesting he didn’t care what others thought. He would challenge me; I knew it from the start and I was right. He did.

Day after day, Justin Maxwell wore me down with his challenging my every move. One day, I even asked him to leave the room after a series of questions lead to a debate that had nothing to do with the context of my class but my teaching style. Needless to say when the semester was over, I was glad to see him move on to the next teacher.

I sat in my office after final exams with my feet propped up on my desk. I leaned back in my chair, just grateful that I’d made it through my first semester as a college instructor. I’d stayed late to finish up my grading so I’d already kicked off my heels and let my hair down. I even had a little music going since I was the only one left in the office.

A soft knock on my office door startled me. I could see through the glass that it was Mr. Maxwell. I quickly put my legs down to and pulled my knee length skirt down as I stood.

“Come in,” I said from my desk. When he walked in, he eyed me hard. I was sure he’d come to start something. “What can I help you with Mr. Maxwell?”

“It’s just Justin.”

“Okay, Justin…”

“I feel like I owe you an apology for the way I’ve lashed out at you this semester.”

I was taken aback.

“Thank you but that’s not necessary. I wish you the best,” I told him as I sat back down in my chair looking back to my work. Instead of leaving he just stood there. “Was there something else?”

“Yes,” he placed his hands on my desk, his eyes bore into mine making me lean back in my seat. “The top button on your blouse is open. I can see your bra. I like the lace. Ms. Lacy wears lace. I like it.”

“Oh grow up, Justin.”

“I am grown,” he spoke as he stepped around my desk. I eyed him.

“What are you doing?”

“What I’ve been wanting to do all semester: resolving this sexual tension.”

I placed my palm on his chest as he leaned down to kiss me. He stopped. “Justin, I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I don’t mess around with students.”

“But I’m right, though. You want to but you can’t because I’m your student.”

“No, that isn’t what I said.”

“Okay. I’m sorry if I misread the situation.” He turned away but then turned back to me. “I can still see your bra. I can’t help but notice that you haven’t fixed your blouse. I feel like you’re enjoying this.”

“I am,” I told him truthfully. I thought he was handsome from the moment I lay eyes on him. As he stood in front of me now in his white t-shirt and sweatpants, I felt a rush of moisture below.

“So you aren’t attracted to me?”

“I never said that. I said that I don’t mess around with students. Besides, you’ve been an asshole this whole semester.”

“Yeah, well, I wanted to stand out from everyone else.”

I laughed. “You succeeded. You’re dismissed, Mr. Maxwell,” I said smugly. I couldn’t help but open my legs as I swiveled in my seat. He noticed.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” He licked his lips.

“Yeah?” I felt butterflies take flight inside as I teased him. “You’re a vulgar prick.”

“I know. You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes. But it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t mess around with my students.”

“The semester is over Ms. Lacy. I’m not your student anymore. I’m just another twenty-three-year-old guy roaming the halls here.”

“It’s not going to happen,” I spoke bluntly.

“Okay. I understand. Will you do one thing for me?”


“Let me give you an oral exam.”

“What are you talking about? Exams are over.”

He dropped to the floor in front of me. I should’ve stopped him but I didn’t. He tested the waters by placing his hands on my knees. Then he ran his hands up my legs, pushing my skirt up as he went. He bit his lip as he reached the top of my thigh-high stockings but he didn’t stop. My eyes widened when he suddenly grabbed my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the chair.

I felt a fog of lust come over me as he stared at my most private place. He looked up at me with those beautiful bronze eyes. “I’ve wanted to taste you since the first time I saw you. Even before I knew you were the instructor.”

Then he dove in. The first lick was like a jolt of electricity. My senses were alight with each frenzied move he made. I slowly slid farther and farther down into my chair until my ass was in his hands, my pussy in his mouth, and my legs wrapped around his neck. I muffled my moans into my hand when he began sliding his fingers in and out of me. I’d been “tasted” before but it was nothing like this. Mr. Maxwell was a pro. He hummed into me, pushing me over the edge. I came in his mouth as our eyes locked.

Even after I came, he kept going. It was too much; too sensitive. I pushed his head away so he stopped, his chin wet but he kept fingering me which only heightened my orgasm.

“Moan for me,” he said. I did. As a reward, he rubbed my g-spot. A place I’d thought was only a myth until that moment. My eyes closed of their own volition. I almost came again. When I started coming down, I opened my eyes. He slid his fingers from me and licked them. Then he places his hands on my chest and slipped his hands beneath my shirt and bra pushing them to the side, effectively revealing my breasts.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous.” He seemed to be in a haze. He dipped down licking each nipple once, then he readjusted my bra, shirt, and even pulled my skirt down before he stood up. I just watched him. His cock was so hard, it was poking up through his waistband.

“Thank you for everything, Ms. Lacy. You’re the best instructor I’ve ever had. And you probably taste better, too.” He winked and walked out.

The Crush

He prefers Dunkin Donuts’ coffee to Starbucks. I’ve seen him there too many mornings for it to be a coincidence. His eyes are so gray, they pierced me when he glanced my way. His hair is dark brown and tightly trimmed. He’s adorned a scruffy five o-clock shadow since the first time I saw him. My fingers twitch to touch it. It frames his beautifully full lips perfectly.

I used to sit at DD with my computer two days a week enjoying my coffee. Now, I go three just to see him. He’s not just handsome but kind. He smiles at everyone, including me. I find myself thinking of him more and more. I wonder what he tastes like. I wonder if his kisses are long and lingering or deep and passionate; maybe even both. How would it feel to wrap my arms around his broad shoulders? Would he slide his hand through my hair before he kissed me? Would he press me against the wall? Would he slide his hand up my leg…

I blink away those thoughts. I see him with a girl on Monday mornings. Only Mondays. It’s as though she’s spent the weekend with him and is heading off to go her own way for the duration of the week. He kisses her forehead. She hugs him. Then they walk out separate doors, going opposite directions. This means that he’s off limits to me. The fact doesn’t keep me from thinking of him at night as I lay down and upon waking every morning. Hoping and praying each day that he’ll walk over and speak to me. I yearn to hear his velvety voice reach out and caress my senses.

I know very little about him except that he’s a casual man. I think he must work out in the mornings before he goes to his job because he’s never dressed up. Maybe he doesn’t even have a job. I wouldn’t care. I would work hard enough for the two of us if he were mine.

Today, I’m running late. I’m disappointed that I’ll miss him. He’s never late. He arrives at seven am on the dot and leave about five minutes later depending on how busy DD is that day. At 7:15, I walk in. I’m bummed but despite missing the handsome stranger, I still need my morning fix. I get my coffee and head to my table in the back corner of the restaurant to work on my weekly column. When I look up, he’s there.

His eyes search my face for a reaction. Rational thought escapes me. I look around for another table.

“Where are you going?” the feeling of his voice touches every part of me just as I imagined it would. He carried a thick southern accent. Something I hadn’t expected. “This is your table, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I mean, I don’t own it. I’ll find somewhere else to sit.”

“Please,” he said sliding out of the booth. “Take it. I apologize. I just thought… Oh never mind.”

I lay my computer on the table. “You thought what?” I asked moving closer to him to make room for other customers as they moved about the space.

He laughed. “It’s silly. I thought we were playing a game. You’re always here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But it’s Friday and you weren’t here.”

“I was running late. I thought I’d missed you. You’re usually gone by now,” I blurted.

“So, you have been watching me?” He raised a single brow. I gathered my inner strength. I raised a brow right back at him.

“Yes. I have been watching you but just here. It’s not like I’m some kind of stalker or something.”

“Well, that’s a shame. I wouldn’t mind being stalked by a woman as beautiful as you.”

“I didn’t think you had a flaw but now I see it,” I told him. “You’re a cheater.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re girlfriend. I see you with her every Monday. Yet you’re flirting with me.”

“Hmm. Does that mean you are single? You must be if you’re watching me three days a week. A woman with such high moral standards wouldn’t do that if she had a man in her life.”

“I am single. I wasn’t judging you. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. I’m sorry.” I shook my head, dropping my gaze at the floor. “I’m really embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. I watch you too. In fact, I keep hoping we’ll have a reason to speak. That’s why I sat here this morning. I hoped you would come in. And even if you didn’t, sitting in your booth made me feel close to you.” My head snapped up to meet his hauntingly beautiful eyes. “Could we sit together?”

“What about your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have one. That’s my little sister. She’s in college in Jersey. She spends the weekends here in the city with me.”

I laughed again shaking my head at myself. He laughed too as if he’d missed the joke but wanted to know it.

“So all of these months we’ve both been watching each other without the courage to make the first move,” I said.

“It seems so. May I?” he asked.

“What?” I asked confused.

He reached out, placing his hand on my cheek, then leaned down to kiss me. It was exquisite. When he broke the kiss, he licked his lips. “Honeydew. I knew it. Just as I’d imagined.”

I couldn’t help but to smile at his words. We both sat down. We decided watching wasn’t enough anymore.


The Voyeur: Part Two

It was their first official Friday night together. Erin was a bundle of nerves as she walked into the restaurant to meet with Kara and Jonas for dinner. It was the first time she’d seen them since that fateful Saturday night when they’d come to let her know they’d been getting off on watching her as she got off watching them. Two weeks had gone by. She’d had a business trip the weekend before. She’d been anxious about meeting with them again. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to but she wasn’t sure if she could stop herself. Jonas’ touch lingered in her mind since the night they met. The way he’d taken her was… She bit her lip just thinking about it.

This was her compromise. She would meet them and have dinner before making any other plans, although, they had implied that they wanted her to join them at their apartment afterword. She had to keep reminding herself that this wasn’t a date. Jonas was a married man. Kara was his wife and Erin was the outsider.

Jonas and Kara both stood as Erin approached their corner booth. Kara kissed her cheek. Jonas gave her a peck on the lips. It was unexpected. It took her a moment to break eye contact with him. Kara’s voice pulled her back to reality.

“We missed you this past weekend. How was your trip?”

“Fine. It was fine.”

“You’re nervous.”


Jonas sat between them in a arched booth but Kara reached over him and touched Erin’s hand. A comforting gesture. “There’s nothing to be nervous about. Tell us your concerns.”

“I’m very attracted to your husband, Kara. Doesn’t that bother you?”

“No,” she said with a sly smile. “Jonas is very taken with you as well. It makes me happy to see him fulfilled. But really, this is more about my selfish pleasures than his.”

“How so?”

“I enjoyed watching my husband have sex with you. I’d fantasized about it, sure, but actually seeing it… It was the most erotic moment of my life.”

“So, you aren’t interested in having sex with me?” Erin asked her.

She hesitated. “I haven’t thought much about it. I can’t seem to get past watching you fuck my husband. If you wanted to explore that route, I’m sure we could come to an agreement.”

“I’m not ready for that,” Erin told her bluntly.

“Good. So we all agree that we enjoyed what we had and we want it again?”

“I do,” Jonas said. “As long as Erin is comfortable.”

“We’ll see.” She looked at them both.

“Wine?” Jonas asked calling over the waiter. Erin nodded as he ordered them all a glass. Not a bottle but a glass. He lay his hand on her knee under the table. “Is this okay?”

“If it’s okay with Kara.”

“Is that what you’re worried about? You’re worried that this is ‘cheating’? That you’re having an affair with a married man?”

“Kind of.”

“I don’t see it that way. Jonas doesn’t either. We’ve grown fond of you, Erin. As we mentioned before, we would like to spend more time with you. I know it isn’t conventional but it’s what we want. If you like being with my husband, that’s okay with me as long as I’m in the loop. Okay?”


“Now stop worrying. You’re subjecting yourself to premature wrinkles.” The all smiled.

Jonas poured the wine. They all sipped and let out a harmonious “hmmm”. It was a sweet red wine with a tangy after taste. “This wine reminds me of you, Erin. You’re taste. You’re nectar is delectable.”

At those words, her nipples bunched up and moisture pooled between her legs. She rubbed them together for friction. Jonas noticed. “Allow me,” he said sliding his hand up her thigh. A slight tug at her nylon stockings and they ripped apart. She let out a small yelp as his fingers came in contact with her lower lips. “You’re so wet.”

“For you,” Erin said. It was like he brought out the sex in her. She never spoke that way to anyone else.

He looked at Kara, reaching between her legs with his other hand. “May I be of service to you both?”

“Here?” Kara asked. He nodded, she relented with a slight moan. If he were doing to her what he was doing to Erin, she understood.

“Quiet, both of you,” he told them as he fingered them both. He went deep. So deep that Erin leaned back so he could get to that oh-so-sweet spot. He massaged her clit with his palm while he rubbed her g-spot with his middle finger. “Is that where you want me, Erin?” With her eyes closed, she nodded. He pulled back and pushed back inside her again. “Open your eyes and sit up. The waiter is coming over. Tell him what you’ll have for dinner while I finger fuck you. Look him in the eye. The same goes for you, Kara. You’ll both be very specific with your orders. Precise.”

Erin was struggling to hold it together. She felt herself on the verge of orgasm. “Water, ah, with, mmm, chicken with rice, and,” Jonas quickened his movements. Erin slammed her hands on the table. “Fuck-dge. Fudge brownie, no ice cream.” The waiter gave a smirk. Kara didn’t do much better.

As soon as the waiter walked away, Erin pushed Jonas’ hand away. “That was stupid. He knew. Everyone knows.”

“They suspect but they don’t know. Isn’t that a thrill?”

Erin reached between his legs and took his cock in her hand. She squeezed it and began jerking him off beneath the table. Kara smiled. “Show him who’s boss.” Erin dipped down and took him into her mouth. Even though no one could see because of the tablecloth, Jonas moaned so loudly that people did notice.

“I think we should go,” Kara said.

“I agree.”

Erin slid out of the booth dabbing her lips with her napkin. Jonas left a couple of hundred dollars on the table and they all scurried out hand in hand.

As soon as they got to the street, Jonas pulled them into the alleyway beside the restaurant. He pushed Erin against the wall. “I can’t wait a moment longer.” His hands pushed her skirt up around her waist, he lifted her, and thrust inside her. Her jacket tore from being against the brick of the building. Jonas moaned into her hair as he fucked her relentlessly. His thrusts were urgent. She held onto him, wrapping her legs around him tightly. Kara kissed the back of his neck, peeking over his shoulder.

“Harder,” Erin whined. “Harder, Jonas. I need you.” He did as he was told. So much so that she felt his warm release.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just you’re just so wet and so fucking sexy. I couldn’t hold it. But I promise, if you’ll come home with us. I’ll make it up to you both.”

“Alright,” Erin said. “Lead the way.” He fastened his slacks and hailed a cab. Even as they rode the few blocks, he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. He was hard again; ready again as he fondled her breasts. The cab driver didn’t seem to mind. He watched them in the rear view mirror.

But who would Jonas choose when he got back to his place? Would it be her? The outsider he’d just had sex with? Or would he choose his beautiful wife? Who would be the voyeur? There was no doubt that pleasure was to be given to all but how it would be distributed, she didn’t know. She didn’t care. She needed the release that he offered so she went inside with them when they pulled to a stop in front of their building.

The night was just beginning.

The Voyeur

She checked her watch as she hopped in a cab back to her high rise apartment. She was running late but she didn’t want to miss a minute of the show. She tapped her heel in the elevator on the way up to her place, checking her watch again. It was Friday night and she knew what that meant. It was open curtain night across the street.

She ran into her apartment dropping her keys and shedding her clothes. She never watched with her clothes on; it didn’t feel decent. Besides, she wanted it to be as pleasurable as possible. It was the only action she’d seen in a year. Work was busy; life was so busy…

The lights came on the building across from hers. Just one window. It was as though they were putting on a show just for her. She began seducing herself as she watched the man she called “Joe” step up to his significant other, aka “Jane”. He stalked her as she stood looking out the window into the night. Erin pushed her bra straps down one by one mimicking Joe’s movements. When Joe taunted Jane’s nipples, Erin tapped her own. When Joe lapped at his wife’s clit, Erin tickled her own. They were beautiful together. Joe took Jane from behind that night. He gripped her breasts and fucked her right up against the window. She gave herself the same relentless pounding that Jane got. She could imagine hearing their moans as she came. Maybe they were her own, echoing off the walls of the small space.

She lay back, coming down from her high. She always felt a tad regretful afterword. She was an intruder. She stole a piece of their intimacy each week.

The next night, Erin was preparing to meet some friends out. She didn’t get out as often as she used to. She was always the third wheel or fifth wheel, neither of which appealed to her. Since she’d broken up with what’s his face, it’d had been all work and no play for Erin. Except for her Friday night pleasure fest, of course.

There was a knock at the door. “Coming,” she shouted as she slipped on her heels. When she opened the door, it was them: Joe and Jane. She stood there, speechless. She gave herself a mental shake, forcing a smile.

“Hi, can I help you?”

“We need to talk.”

“Um,” she laughed. “Have we met?”

“Not exactly,” the woman spoke. “My name is Kara. This is my husband Jonas. We were wondering if we could come in and speak with you.”

“I was just on my way out.”

“Please? It’s very important to my wife,” Jonas said as he lovingly ran his hand over her hair. Erin relented. She knew what she’d done was wrong. She was a grown ass woman who’d been caught doing something naughty.

“Come in. Please, have a seat on the couch. I need to make a phone call and I’ll be right with you.” She called her friends and told them she wouldn’t be coming out after all. She suspected that after a this confrontation, she wouldn’t be in the socializing mood. Erin took a seat on the arm of the chair directly across from them. “So, what can I do for you?”

Kara, who was even more lovely in person looked over to her husband. He cleared his throat and ran his hand through his dark hair. “Kara feels that it’s only fair to let you know that we can see you from our window. We live just across the street…”

What?” Erin interrupted.

“We’ve been watching you every Friday night for the past six months,” Kara blurted. “I’m so sorry.”

Erin let her head fall into her hands. As relief washed over her, a soft laugh escaped.

“Is she crying?” Jonas whispered.

“No, I’m not crying. I’m sorry. I’ve been watching you, as well.”

They looked at each other and back at her. “How long?” Kara asked.

“A year or so. I know it’s wrong. I apologize. I promise not to do it again.”

“Wow, this is really awkward,” Jonas said.

“It doesn’t have to be, honey,” Kara told him. They shared a knowing look. “We’ve talked about this so many times.”

“Really?” Jonas asked her. She nodded.

“Hi,” Erin waved dramatically, “What am I missing?”

“Well,” Kara began, “We’ve spent all this time watching you. We’ve often discussed how nice it would be if you were with us…” Erin stood up and paced, unsure of what to say. She’d never been with a woman. She’d never considered herself promiscuous. Never thought of a three-way as an option. “Don’t feel pressured. I’m sorry. We’ll leave.”

“Wait…” Erin said, looking at Jonas. He was the definition of sexy; erotic. “What are you asking?”

“I want to be the voyeur,” Kara said. “My husband wants to take you. Would you have him?”

Erin’s eyes widened. She released her long dark hair from it’s bun. She nodded ever so slightly. That was all Jonas needed. He stood up, at least a half a foot taller than her, and slipped off his jacket. He stepped up to Erin tugging at her shirt. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you,” he said looking down at her. Her fingers trembled nervously as she reached up and pulled him down to her lips.

“Do it,” she spoke into his mouth as their tongue’s collided with unrivaled passion.

Erin barely noticed the Missus as Jonas ripped open her blouse and took off her bra. He nipped and nibbled her nipples until she came. She couldn’t believe it. She came just from foreplay. But he was just getting started. He pushed her skirt to the floor and pulled a hole out of the crotch of her pantyhose. “I need to taste you.” He lapped at her, moaning into her core. Then without warning, he released himself and thrust into her. She cried out and held onto him as he lifted her and walked her back over to where his wife was watching the show. He leaned over and kissed his wife while he fucked Erin right. So, so right. She’d looked at the blonde next to her as she pleasured herself. It was as though they’d switched places. Jonas rubbed Erin’s clit with his thumb as he thrust, bringing her to climax again before he came with a earth shattering moan. He collapsed on top of her in a heap. All three of their sweaty bodies touching.

Erin suddenly felt out of place. She placed her palms on Jonas’ rock hard chest giving him a slight shove. He squinted at her, took her face in his hands, and kissed her deeply.

“It’s okay,” he told her. She wasn’t sure. She looked at Kara.

Kara put her arm around Erin and nodded. “This has been a fantasy of ours for a while. Thank you for being a part of it.”

“I shouldn’t have…”

Don’t. You are amazing,” Jonas reassured her. “Get dressed. Let us take you out.”

She laughed. “Yeah?”

“Yes. We would love to make all of our Friday nights like this if you’re up for it,” Jonas said. “My wife and I are a bit attached to you.”

“Maybe we can all find someone to watch together,” Kara suggested. They all laughed and left together.

My Therapy

My husband had an affair. I found out. He was caught. It was a shitshow. He loved me. It was all a mistake, he’d said. I couldn’t stand it. I walked out.

I’d never been unfaithful to that man. Oh, and I’d had plenty of chances. Just the week before, a gorgeous guy approached me at a busy nightclub not far from our apartment. I was out with my girlfriends. He came over and offered to buy me a drink. Instead of taking him up on his invitation, I showed him my ring.

It was windy, and cool as I entered the club. I hoped he was there. I wanted him to be the one but if he wasn’t I would find someone. I hoped it would dissipate the anger so I could at least stand on even ground with the man I loved who’d betrayed me.

I glanced around the club. I wasn’t dressed for clubbing but I didn’t care. My long blonde hair was tied back in pony. I wore a sleeveless tank with no bra and a pair of bluejeans with the flip-flops that were sitting by the door when I left. I couldn’t find it in me to care that I looked ridiculous.

“Wow, it really sucks that you’re married,” a voice came from behind her. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen-”

“Shut up,” I told him. “I didn’t come here to hear lines.” I grabbed his wrist and tugged. He stumbled along like a scolded toddler.

“Why did you come, then?” he asked when I pulled him close to me in the dark corner of the back.

I wrapped my hand around his neck and pulled him down to me. He resisted just short of the kiss. “I don’t mess around with married women. Not even for a prize like you. I do have morals.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. I nodded and released him. His light eyes shone in the dark. There was sympathy there.

“Did he hurt you?” he asked.

“Not physically.”

“He screwed around?” I nodded. “You came here for a revenge fuck?” I nodded again. “Would you settle for something less intimate but just as satisfying?”

I looked up at him. “Just forget it. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I do. I’ve been cheated on. It’s no good. But two wrongs don’t make a right. You’ll regret it.”

How dare he presume? “I won’t. I’m a big girl.”

He pressed into me. There was a crowd of people but they didn’t notice us. We were invisible in our little corner. I felt a jolt of excitement hit me as he brazenly reached up and pinched one of my nipples. I moaned when he did the same to the other.

“You won’t be able to take it. You’ll want more. You’re not the type of woman I take home. You’re marriage material, not one night stand material, honey. Look at you. You’re about to orgasm and I’ve barely touched you.”

His comment kind of pissed me off, spurring me forward. “Show me your dick.”

He laughed. “Excuse me?”

“I said, take it out.”

“Right here?”

“No one is watching us. Besides, who cares if they are? The thought is thrilling.”

One of his eyebrows went up. He was intrigued. He unzipped himself releasing his rock hard member. Fucking wow! No wonder he was so confident

“Now what princess?” he asked staring down at me. I didn’t know. I just did what felt right. I slid my hand down my jeans as this fine ass man in front of me watched all wide-eyed. He began running his hand up and down his length in time with me. I watched him. He watched watched me. We were both sweating and moaning but no one could hear us. It was too loud.

He leaned down, resting his forehead on mine. He sloppily shoved my tank top to the side with his free hand and took hold of my breast. “I’m going to come,” he said through gritted teeth. I nodded because I was there, too. I found release as my whole body relaxed against the wall. He fell onto me in a heap.

When I came down, I pushed him upright. “Thank you for whatever that was. It was fantastic.”

“Come home with me,” he said.

“No. You were right about me. I would’ve regretted it. Have a good night.”

As I walked away, he gently pulled the hair tie from my hair and slid it on his wrist. I smiled.

When I got back home, my husband stood. It was as though he’d been sitting on pins and needles the whole time.

“I’m ready to discuss things now,” I told him. I wasn’t sure if we would work it out but I knew I felt level headed enough to hear him.

“Where did you go?” he asked. I just smiled.